Book review: The Great Snortle Hunt


Title: The Great Snortle Hunt
Author: Claire Freedman
Illustrations: Kate Hindley
Price: £5.99
Published by: Simon and Schuster 

We love this book!

My 3 year old son, Jacob, calls it the bumpy steepy book, I think it's because the first line of the book is 'On a hill bumpy-steepy, there's a house scary-creepy'.

We have read this book so much that Jacob can say the whole book with me as I read it to him.

It's all about an adventure to find the Snortle monster.

Jacob in particular loves the page with all the items that they take to catch the Snortle, he spends a good 5 minutes naming all items. I love hearing him say what all the things are.

The illustrations are lovely, they make the book flow really well, and you are drawn into the adventure.

Jacob also likes to knock on the doors within the book, he is on the adventure too.

I love the pages that turn the other way, it makes a nice little twist, and keeps the attention of Jacob and the rhyming element is fun.

Our copy is getting a bit tatty as we have read it so much, but when I ask Jacob what he would like to read, this is the book he always says first!

Right I had better get this book back upstairs as it's bedtime and Jacob will be very cross if he doesn't have it to read!

Happy reading!