Mad Blog Awards 2014

The MAD Blog Awards are the Mum and Dad Awards, they are the UK's biggest awards for parent blogs.

I am putting myself up for nomination this year *gulp*.

Our Family Life website is something I have been working hard on since last year, so it's fairly new.

I'm a full-time working mum, and along with my husband Mark (who blogs on here too), who's a stay at home dad (has been for 10 years now), and our daughter Amber (who is also getting the blogging bug), and our cheeky monkey of a son Jacob, we talk about all aspects of our family life.

We are the Jennings family

We are the Jennings family

This whole blogging business started almost 5 years ago. I work for a national newspaper, and one day we were asked if anyone wanted to write a blog. I said 'Yes I will', then asked 'What's a blog?'

I write family features/blogs on but don't be mistaken, I'm not a writer, I'm a blogger. I write in my own voice as though I'm telling someone a story over a cup of tea! I'm the Art Editor of The Sunday People so I design pages, I don't write the stories. 

As I got used to writing, I enjoyed it more and more. I decided to start our own website.

With the help of my husband, our daughter, and our son, we try and cover most things we get up to. From family days out to product reviews.

This is the first year I have put myself forward for the MAD Blog Awards and it is a little scary as the parenting blogging world is growing every year, and there are some amazing blogs out there. Every one of them done out of love, frustration, happiness, sadness and just because that's the life that's important to them!

This is the life that's important to me - my family!

I would love to be nominated as a newbie in the Best New Blog category. 

If you would like to nominate me click the link below and nominate away. I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!

Adele x

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