Tried & Tested: The energy efficient washing machine from Panasonic available at Appliances Online

Working mum of two Adele Jennings and her husband, stay at home dad Mark put the Panasonic NA-148VX3WGB washing machine to the test.

We all know that we never have enough time to complete all the daily tasks that life throws at us. So it's great when you get a helping hand from modern technology.

My husband Mark and I have 2 children, Amber is 9 and Jacob is 2, and together we get through mountains of washing each week.

Like any other family we care about the environment while trying to save our pennies.

We have been sent the Panasonic NA-148VX3WGB washing machine by Appliances Online to review.

The very user friendly Panasonic NA-148VX3WGB washing machine

The very user friendly Panasonic NA-148VX3WGB washing machine

The stylish Panasonic NA-148VX3WGB is a perfect example of a simple to use A+++ 'Energy Efficient' washing machine for the average busy family, and because high-efficiency machines have more customisable settings it's by far simpler for parents to find one that's right for a specific load, providing a better, more intelligent wash cycle.

Panasonic's new machine's very modern looking, with it's large tinted door that houses an ample 8 kg drum which is perfect for bedding and larger items without splitting the loads. A contemporary LCD display may deter the technophobe, but it's really not that complicated, with a straight forward function menu that shows the programme you're using, the speed & temperature and the time left on the cycle.

Once you've loaded the machine, chosen your preferred cycle, added the detergent/softener and started the wash, the clever ' Perfect Sense Technology' assesses the wash load to precisely detect the amount of clothes to reduce waste of water and get the best washing results. If you have a small baby vest and a large towel, it cleverly distributes the drum so everything gets a thorough wash.

With the '3D Sensor Wash' it analyses the motion of the drum, detecting the movement of the laundry in the machine and making adjustments to enable the laundry to tumble from the optimal position. Combining this with the 'HydroActive+' technology consisting in 5 point multi-directional showers which quickly penetrate items and guarantee efficient washing and rinsing everytime.  


The Eco/Speed mode see's the machine consuming 50% less energy and up to 30% less water, which may take a little longer, so it's an absolutely ideal if you're going out as the machine also switches itself off once the programme has completed.

With temperature options from from cold to 90 °C and it's water jets coming from 5 different directions, we found this versatile machine washes clothes especially thoroughly and is a very quiet at 53db's on a wash cycle and 72db's on a spin cycle as well as remaining very stable throughout, with possible spin speeds up to 1,400 rpm. So you don't have to worry about the washing machine waking up the kids when you put a wash on in the evening.

Safety features include an 'auto-lock' door whilst in use and you can activate this whilst idle by pressing and holding the option button to prevent curious little one's climbing into the drum! Additionally you can lock the display controls so your little helpers busy fingers don't fiddle around and change all the programme settings.

One of the functions that I love most about this machine is probably the most simplistic but satisfying. The pause function lets you add an item after the cycle has started, how many times have you looked around and found an stray sock on the middle of the kitchen floor - it could possibly solve the infamous odd sock mystery!

Check out my video review below and watch my son Jacob helping me out with the washing.

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