Teen Beach Movie: The new Disney Original film

By Amber Jennings, age 9

Teen Beach Movie is brilliant! I was very lucky to be invited by Disney to see a preview of the new Disney Original film called Teen Beach Movie.

Amber ready for the beach.

Amber ready for the beach.

It premieres on the Disney channel on Friday 19th July at 6pm. I've been looking forward to seeing the Teen Beach Movie since I first saw the advert. I've set our sky box to record it as I don't want to miss it even though I've already seen it, I can't wait to watch it again!

I like Ross Lynch and I watch him on Austin & Ally, so I was looking forward to seeing him in Teen Beach Movie.

I loved the movie as it had a musical theme and I like to sing and dance. There are some great songs in the movie and I can't wait to learn them.

Teen Beach Movie is about Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) who love to surf.


Mack wants to ride the last big wave before she goes to her new school, but there's a big storm. Mack falls of her surf board, and Brady comes to save her, but they mysteriously go into Wet Side Story (Brady's favourite movie from the sixties).

Wet Side Story is a movie where there are 2 rival groups, the surfers and the bikers who both want control of the beach hangout. Everyone keeps breaking into song and dance.

Catch Teen Beach Movie on The Disney Channel on Friday to see what happens to Brady and Mack.


My fantastic day out in London

Just how many things can you see and do in a single day in London? It's quite a challenge but Mum, Dad and I were determined to find out.

Our first stop was the Duck Tour which starts at the London Eye. After climbing aboard the "duck" - a big yellow bus called Desdemona, our guide Emma told funny stories about the buildings we'd be seeing.

The bus chugged past the 168ft Nelson's Column and The Ritz Hotel. Then suddenly it headed to the river and - splash! - we plunged in. Dad explained the bus was an amphibious craft used in the D-Day landings in 1944 and originally known as a DUKW.

Once on the river, we passed Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. What a great way to see the city!

Next we visited the famous Hamleys shop in Regent Street, which is marking its 250th anniversary. I couldn't believe how many cool toys were there!

Upstairs is a Build-A-Bear Workshop, where assistant Fred helped me choose and dress a fluffy dog which I called Sally.

After a quick bite to eat, we headed to the Natural History Museum in Kensington. Wow, it's such a big building with so many things to see. And it's free to get in - which Dad liked a lot!

I had fun looking at the dinosaurs and an extinct bird called the dodo.

Next we walked from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. I was looking for the Queen but she didn't seem to be at home.

Mum was using her iPhone to plan our route and the Superlative London app was really useful.

After all the walking we had tired legs so we decided to have tea at the new Planet Hollywood on Haymarket. The kids menu was great. I had just enough energy to get back to our hotel, the Strand Palace near Leicester Square. It was a fantastic day and I learned so much. I can't wait to go back!

FACTFILE: Under 11s travel free on the Tube. For the cheapest adult fares get an Oyster card. Details via oyster.tfl.gov.uk/ oyster/entry.do BA offers one night at the threestar Strand Palace from £62pp including breakfast, based on two sharing. Visit ba.com/london or call 0844 4930758.